How do I know if my Copepods arrived alive?

The best way to ensure your pods arrived alive and healthy is hold the bag up to a light and look for movement in the bag.
Copepods look like small swimming “dust specs” in the water column and near the bottom of the bag.

The Tisbe Copepods are typically smaller and they like to congregate at the bottom.
The Tigriouous copepods are larger and like to swim in the water column with a characteristic jerky movement.

While we package our copepods in freshly mixed RODI Saltwater, it is impossible to separate all of the phytoplankton (Pod food) from the copepods. Sometimes this Phyto settles out at the bottom as it is consumed by the copepods and people often mistake this for “Dead Pods”. We assure you this is totally natural and does not always indicate a DOA. Look for movement in the bag and give your eyes a minute to adjust. More copepods means more mouths eating phytoplankton, so the presence pf phyto near the bottom is often a great indicator of life in the bag.